Salt room

Do you ever imagine yourself reclining, surrounded by the whiteness and invigorating scent of sea salt?? Has your mind wandered off to the seaside? Visit the sea in miniature. The walls of the salt room are made of sea salt. In the centre of the room there is a modern medical device called a halogenerator, which systematically emits fine dry salt aerosol, recreating the microclimate of natural salt caves.  Chromotherapy services are also provided during salt therapy. You can also listen to relaxing music, meditate, read or talk. This delightful recreation of the seaside lasts 40 minutes.

The effects of salt therapy:

Salt therapy is naturally beneficial for the immune system.  It helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory disease and prevent viral diseases and bacterial infections. It is effective at soothing allergic reactions on the skin and serves as an excellent way to recover after major physical exertions.

Sea salt and all its components have beneficial effects on the health, skin, hair and respiratory organs. Since it is entirely surrounded by a layer of salt, the room is a sterile environment. The salt aerosol has a powerful effect on the lymphatic system, stimulating the elimination of toxins from the body and the drainage of excess water from the subcutaneous tissue.

After a visit to the salt room, you will feel rested and relaxed, which will also have a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep.