In hotel Fitness Center you can use modern exercising machines to work your body and take additional care for your health. Many other sports activities (tennis, biking, hiking etc.) are also at your disposal in immediate vicinity.

Activities in the area

People in Atlantis held nature and life outdoors in high regards thus they valued excellent natural gardens. Flowers were not cultivated but rather left to grow wildly. Running water was very important for their well-being hence they built pools and fountains in their homes and gardens. Pool and fountain area was used to spend free time, meditate or simply relax.

And this is exactly what natural surroundings of Rogaška Slatina offers with its natural wells and intact nature. You can experience a genuine contact with nature, long walks, meditation, recreation and fresh air. At your disposal are numerous relaxation and sports activities (tennis, cycling, trekking, etc.).

Carefully chosen theme paths take us on mysterious journeys of winged Pegasus who discovered wells of Rogaška Slatina centuries ago. You might want to choose a path that stretches over the neighbouring hills marked with work of hardworking masters and growers of good wine or one of the learning paths through the famous protected nature park Boč and join pleasant recreation with useful learning. The following paths are available: between the wells of Rogaška Slatina; Rogaška wine path; Tourist water path Kostrivnica; learning paths on Boč.

Rogaška Slatina is the right destination for people that cannot imagine spending their vacation without a bicycle. The area around the health resort core is entwined with interesting and abundant bicycle paths that impress each and every cyclist as they offer a view of numerous natural and cultural sights during cycling. At the hotel reception or TIC Rogaška Slatina you can get a bicycle map »Rogaška Slatina and the surrounding area« showing a total of 15 cycling paths.

You can find digital cycling and equestrian paths in Obsotelje and Kozjansko on>