Health Resort Park

Health Resort Park and promenade, which join together at the European platform, represent a core that is surrounded with hotels, apartments, swimming pools, a pub, and other objects. Besides natural greenery that surrounds the Health Resort Center, a Health Resort Park and a promenade with arranged tree avenues, lawns, flower beds and shrubberies further enhance the well-being. In the summer we organize promenade concerts in the pavilion Tempel which is located in the middle of the park. Health Resort Complex and the park started to acquire the today’s form in the years following the year 1803.

The Forest Well

The Forest well is one of the oldest wells in Rogaška Slatina and was described in the first marketing booklet of the Health Resort in 1883. It was marketed as a well with “ironlike water”. A famous Path of sighs, a venue of countless romances, used to lead to the Forest well.

Access: from the foothill of Janina.

gozdni vrelec

The King's Well

You can pour yourself water from this well with an original mechanic pump from the 19th century. The well itself was renewed back in the year 1857 and is now surrounded by a beautiful octagonal pavilion. The King’s well is important because it originates from Celtic times and the water is believed to have positive effects on digestion and skin (some even compare it to Vichy water). A Toplar hayrack which houses a collection of old farming tools is situated next to it. Ignacij’s well which was renovated back in 1843 is also in direct vicinity.