Crystal hall of the Grand Hotel Rogaška

The central health resort hall is a venue of dance and concert events. Ana’s Ball has an almost 200-year old tradition. Walls of the hall are covered with four excellent oil works made in 1912 by a famous Austrian painter A. Schötter. The faith of the last painting is very unusual and interesting – Ivan Vavpotič painted King Aleksander Karađorđević’s arrival to Rogaška Slatina on the painting’s empty backside.

Pegasus monument

Pegasus monument is a copyright work of a renowned academic painter and sculptor Vasilij Ćetković Vasko. Pegasus is an important historical and cultural symbol in Rogaška Slatina municipality. In 2002 Pegasus became a central symbol of Rogaška Slatina; the municipality placed it on its coat of arms and flag.


Ana's Mansion - Museum collections

Walking through the theme museum collections the visitor gets to know the history of Rogaška Slatina’s development, feels a touch of cosmopolitanism, is familiarised with all phases of crystal glass production, and on paper written once and now leads the guests down the memory lane. Visitors may admire indigenous tree species in Rogaška Slatina parks and see the meaning of a key element in historical development of Rogaška Slatina – water!

St. Ana's Chapel

Medicinal chapel was built in 1804 and is dedicated to St. Ana, the health resort’s patron. An altar image of Mary with a child and St. Ana was painted by Styrian baroque master Hans Adam Weissenkirchner in 1686. It was rearranged in 1926 by Jože Plečnik, the famous architect. Access: from the foothill of Ivan hill (behind the building of a Medical Center).


Ana’s Festival

The traditional Ana’s Festival is held during the summer at various venues (the Tempel Pavilion, the European Platform and the Grand Hotel Rogaška Arcades, among others). The festival complements the summer evenings in the centre of the Rogaška Slatina spa complex with classical music and various other concerts.

In the Tempel Pavilion in the spa park, the Musica Camerata Orchestra, which has been the spa orchestra for more than 40 years, performs during the day. The orchestra is composed of renowned artists and academically trained soloists, playing popular compositions by various composers. The evenings are then spiced up by performances by various Slovenian and foreign musicians.

Let the Ana’s Festival accompany you through a summer of music.