You’ve probably heard about the legend of Atlantis.  You know – the legend of the lost city first mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, who described Atlantis as a place of incredible wealth and natural beauty. Unfortunately, it has never been located and so we cannot pay it a visit. However, the charms of this mythical sunken city can be discovered at the Atlantida Boutique Hotel, which Plato would certainly have described as a source of inspiration, well-being, indulgence and tranquillity.

Here, the present and the past meet at every step along the way. On the one hand, there is the modern Atlantida Boutique Hotel, which has the knowledge and experience required to create a harmony between body, emotion, mind and spirit, and on the other, there is the sunken city of Atlantis, the source of this knowledge.



The town of Rogaška Slatina is well known for its tradition of health spas and healing mineral water.



Natural mineral water Donat Mg, which is considered as the Magnesium-richest water in the world.